Diócesis de San Bernardino: Oficina Diocesana para la Protección de los Niños y los Jóvenes (DOCYP)

Riverside County 24-hour Child Abuse Hotline: 800-442-4918

Outside Riverside Area: 800-422-4453 .

CLICK HERE to enter the Riverside County Child Protective Services Website section concerning Child Abuse Reporting.

San Bernardino Diocese 24-hour Child Abuse Hotline: 888-206-9090

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions for reporting abuse to the Diocese of San Bernardino in conjunction with reporting to law enforcement or county child protective services.

to access an online form for REPORTING THE SUSPECTED ABUSE OF A MINOR.

Report All Cases to the County Child Protective Services where the abuse occurred. On this page are Riverside County and Diocese hotlines and links containing information about child abuse reporting.

After reporting abuse to local law enforcement or child protective services, make a Report to the Diocese if the Abuse was committed by Clergy, Employee or Volunteer.

The Bishop’s Delegate in the Office of the Bishop handles cases involving bishops, priests, deacons or candidates for ordination.

Human Resources handles cases involving employees (including religious brothers and sisters) and volunteers.

The Superintendent of Schools handles cases involving school personnel.